calming neutrals

there is a calming mood floating through this new collection, with embroidered details, flowy dresses and colors of nature to create moments of joy. Enjoy these desirable pieces inspired by natural landscapes.

“flowy silhouettes in combination with soft comfort and warm tones”

behind the scenes

for the new spring summer ’22 campaign we went on a journey to dubai. a place known for its desert climate, popular hibernation spot and its mediterranean influences. searching for the right location where the collection would blend perfectly. we started our journey in the desert, an oasis of beautiful photogenic orange terra-like sand dunes. the wind flows and the sand dunes plays with the sunlight and shadows. in addition, the perfect spot to put on that long and flowy dress, those comfy pants or just a basic top or t-shirt.

this year it's all about dressing with a sense of adventure, indulging in new and soft pieces and mixing them with our favorites. the new by-bar collection gives you desirable pieces inspired by natural landscapes, ready to be worn again and again. join us on our journey and discover the first arrivals of our new spring summer '22 collection. 

“time to shine with soft and summery outfits and just the right accessory: simple and classy”

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