meet the women behind by-bar

at by-bar we believe every woman should stand out in her own authentic way, no matter her age or style.

being part of a female-led company and being surrounded by women every day strengthens our mission to inspire and empower every other woman out there. we draw inspiration from each other and from various women and that’s exactly what we would like to share with you.

in celebration of International women’s day, we invited five by-bar women to share their personal stories and tell us about the women who inspire them. because every story, every inspiration, is a testament to the strength of women everywhere.

"this year’s women’s day, we wanted to celebrate our women."

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Marike - customer service representative

my inspiration is Lucia Rijker, a former Dutch (kick)boxer and actress, who achieved many (obstacles) with her perseverance and determination.

Personal explanation:
I myself was self-employed for nine years at a time when there was no government support during maternity leave. I had to work as long as possible and get back to work quickly after the birth of my two daughters, whom I raised mostly on my own. This forced me to look for a permanent job, and that is how I ended up at by-bar, where I have enjoyed working for four years now. I am also a fanatic (kick)boxer myself and I also manage my own webshop, of which I am very proud!

Lesson to be shared: by working hard and pursuing your own dreams, even if life brings unexpected bumps on your road, you can achieve a lot.


Dominique - e-comm employee

my inspiration is my mother, because she supports me in everything and puts my little brother and me first at all times. This has not always been easy for her, as she had to take on both the father and mother roles due to the death of my father.

Personal explanation: from an early age, I learned to be independent, mainly thanks to my mother, who taught me the importance of perseverance and hard work. She also taught me to approach everything positively, no matter how difficult it can be at times. If you keep seeing things positively, things will only get better. That is a lesson I have always remembered and live by.

Lesson to be shared: try to look at everything positively.


Imke - marketing manager a.i.

my inspiration are working women in general and Margaret Thatcher / Oprah Winfrey in particular.

Personal explanation: during my youth, Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and regularly in the news. So for me it was totally a given that as a woman you can achieve anything, including the position of prime minister. Retrospectively, it's not so obvious at all when you consider that here in the Netherlands 30 years later we still haven't had a female prime minister. Oprah has also broken certain taboos with her high-profile talk show and, as a self-made woman, is (has been) an example for many women.

Lesson to be shared: it made it so that through examples such as Margaret Thatcher, Oprah Winfrey and other working women around me, such as my mother and aunts, I thought it was the most normal thing to be able to live your dreams.


"with our collections, we would like to bring her confidence and joy. We hope to inspire and empower every woman to do what she loves most. just like we do."


Carla - co-owner by-bar

My inspiration is Aletta Jacobs, who in 1871 was the first Dutch woman to study. I also see Coco Chanel as a great inspiration, she made sure, among other things, that there was more freedom of movement and that it was accepted that women also started wearing pants. They both opened a door to women's independence.

Personal explanation: I believe that you can only have an equal relationship and be completely yourself if you know what is going on in the world and can stand on your own two feet. I really got this from home and put it into practice by passionately growing by-bar together with Barbara, and the many other women working at by-bar, into the international lifestyle brand we are today.

Lesson to be shared: Make sure you are independent, just like Aletta and Coco Chanel did in their time, and follow your passion!

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jet .jpg__PID:2df4f914-3452-4e1b-84a0-7c1bb1cadd53

jet - jr. sustainability specialist

my inspiration is Iris van Herpen. This progressive Dutch fashion designer is known for her innovative techniques, craftsmanship and use of sustainable materials.

Personal explanation:
in my role as a jr. sustainability specialist at by-bar, I am committed to making a positive impact, both on our planet and the people we work with. It is important to me that every woman involved in making our clothes feels valued and treated with respect. We are also always looking for more sustainable alternatives and materials. With this, I hope to leave a positive impact for all power women out there!

Lesson to be shared: 
Let's celebrate this International Women's Day not only by shining in our favorite outfits, but also by honoring the women who made these clothes with love and skill.

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